Digital Radiography

Many injuries and disease states of pets cannot be diagnosed by a physical exam alone, making diagnostics extremely important in veterinary medicine. This leads the experienced doctors at Airport Animal Clinic to ensure our facility is outfitted with the most advanced tools available, including our digital radiography (x-ray) system.

The digital equipment at our Clinic offers countless advantages over older systems which still require chemicals and film to develop. One of the most important benefits of digital x-ray is speed. The digital unit at Airport Animal Clinic displays each x-ray on our computer in seconds, saving valuable treatment time. Another distinct advantage of our x-ray is the quality and clarity of the images. Each digital radiograph can be contrasted, enhanced, and manipulated, which provides our doctors with even an even greater view of the injury or condition. The ability to adjust our x-rays also leads to fewer retakes. Finally, our system has virtually no impact on the environment, as it does not require chemicals to process our images.

When we think of taking x-rays, we often consider the fact that broken bones can be discovered. However, there are numerous additional wounds and conditions which may also be determined by x-ray, including:

  • Organ evaluation, including the heart, kidneys, and lungs
  • Locate obstruction or foreign body in the stomach
  • Tumor identification
  • Diagnose pneumonia
  • Identify infection

Please note that this is a sampling of common issues diagnosed by our x-ray system, and many other problems can be detected as well. The experience of our veterinarians and our advanced instruments make Airport Animal Clinic the clear choice for your pet in the Monroeville, Frisco City, Excel, Megargel, Peterman, and Repton areas of Alabama. Please contact one of our caring team members to schedule an appointment for your pet today!