Frequently Asked Questions

  • How safe is my pet’s procedure?

    The overall safety of your pet during any treatment depends on a number of factors, including the overall age and health of the pet, as well as the invasiveness of the treatment. For example, spay or a neuter procedure generally carry less risk than large-scale surgery or cancer treatment. Laboratory bloodwork is always highly recommended before any surgery, to help uncover any underlying issues that may not be able to be determined by physical exam alone. Regardless of the nature of the procedure, our compassionate and experienced veterinarians at Airport Animal Clinic are ready to provide your precious pet with the care they deserve, and you expect.

  • At what age should I have my pet spayed or neutered?

    The experienced veterinarians at Airport Animal Clinic recommend spaying or neutering between four and six months of age, depending on the breed and type of pet. Spaying and neutering our pet companions not only prevents unwanted litters, but it can also reduce the risk of cancer in the reproductive system later in life. Please contact one of our caring staff members and schedule an appointment to have your pet spayed or neutered today!

  • What are heartworms, and how can I prevent my pet from getting them?

    Heartworm disease is one of the deadliest conditions seen at Airport Animal Clinic and yet is preventable in both dogs and cats. Heartworms are transmitted when a mosquito bites an animal that is infected with heartworms and then bites an uninfected animal, such as your dog or cat. The heartworms mature in the body of the newly-infected animal and cause numerous deadly conditions in not only the heart but also the lungs and arteries.

    Airport Animal Clinic carries heartworm preventative products for both dogs and cats, and each medication has been hand-selected by our veterinarians based up safety and efficacy of the drug. Our stocked pharmacy includes heartworm preventatives that can be taken orally, applied topically and an injectable product which lasts six months.

    The prevention of heartworm disease is always more effective and less expensive than it is to treat. You’re your precious pet tested for heartworm disease, and then place them on a preventative that is right for the lifestyle of you and your beloved pet. Call Airport Animal Clinic to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced veterinarians today!

  • What if my pet has an after-hours emergency?

    If your pet has an after-hours emergency, please call the clinic number and the on-call vet's number will be provided: 251-575-2763.